At axial3D our mission is to improve the quality of care hospitals can provide by enhancing existing practices, giving their clinicians easy access to patient specific 3D printed models. All bespoke products[/join-team]

Patient data made real

axial3D is a UK based medical technology firm focused on driving the global adoption of 3D Printing within healthcare. axial3D
3D printing in healthcare is transforming how surgical consultants prepare and plan for surgical intervention as well as communicate details about abnormalities and treatment options to the patient and colleagues alike. Delivering improved efficiencies, advancing surgical standards and improving patient outcomes, 3D printing in healthcare is the fastest growing sector of the 3D printing industry.

Entering the 3D Printing Market in early 2015 axial3D is focused on the healthcare sector. The state-of-the-art technology for secure online ordering, combined with the expert in house services has seen axial3D
axial3D3D grows so too will the ambition to develop the most leading edge software tools, transforming the 3D printing workflow for healthcare institutions.


Daniel Crawford, Founder, axial3D
Daniel Crawford, Founder, axial3D