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axial3D founder Daniel talks to TechWatch NI

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14 June 2016


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‘Go on, 3D print yourself’ is the title of the latest article profiling axial3D.  In a recent interview with the company CEO Daniel Crawford,  TECHWATCH NI delves into the drivers which motivated his move into the innovative area of 3D Printing in Healthcare.

With a background in Biomedical Engineering and as one of the first individuals in the UK to undertake a postgraduate degree in the growing area of Medical Visualization in Human Anatomy, Daniel instantly saw a commercial gap in the market for easily accessible 3D printing.   Working with a range of surgical teams across Northern Ireland, in both the National Health Service and private medical suppliers, Daniel and his team created a unique online ordering software solution to streamline the process for an institution to place an order for patient specific 3D printed models based on the patient’s unique abnormality.

Daniel and his team are working with surgical teams across the globe delivering 3d printed patient specific models and is excited about the huge growth driven by personalized medicine “The new era of healthcare is about making everything patient-specific,” said Daniel

Click here for more information on how 3D printing can support your clinic.

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“The new era of healthcare is about making everything patient-specific,”