Industry Partners

Industry relationships play a major role in the success of axial3D. Together with our partners, we are delivering the value of 3D printing with a transformative approach to institutional adoption. axial3D is currently forming alliances and partnerships with leading software, hardware, and external quality organizations to provide integrated, complete 3D printing solutions to customers.

blackford analysis logo

Over the past decade, Blackford has been delivering innovative solutions that help healthcare professionals add clinical value, improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes – all at a lower cost. Blackford work with leading hospitals globally. axial3D is one of the carefully curated AI algorithms selected to integrate with Blackford image-processing platform, providing instant access to medical 3D printing, reducing implementation time, costs and long-term maintenance.

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Using formlabs technology to create medical models for customers around the world axial3D is committed to collaborations which drive down the cost, increase quality and simplify the process of medical 3D printing. axial3D and formlabs partner to offer full-solution onsite deployment of medical 3D printing hardware, software and expertise.

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Sectra offers a wide range of solutions in enterprise imaging. Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction worldwide, with over 1,800 installations, and some of the biggest healthcare providers in the world depending on their solutions, these large—and often complex—organizations rely on Sectra’s solutions to meet their demands. Sectra and axial3D have partnered to offer access to medical 3D printing to healthcare providers across the UK and Ireland. With a direct integration into the UK’s national IEP network, the ability to securely transfer data directly from PACS to axial3D 's printing facility offers the most streamlined, and easy to access method for clinicians across the UK to access medical 3D printing.

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