Axial3D is a medical technology firm working to transform patient outcomes while driving the global adoption of 3D printing within healthcare.

Our vision and mission.

Axial3D’s vision is that 3D printing will become part of a clinician’s daily routine in assessing treatment pathways for their patients.

Our mission is to improve the access clinicians have to 3D printing by giving them easy access to software & services to bridge the gap between technology and medicine.

Awards and recognition

Our secure online ordering, combined with expert in-house services has proved popular with leading healthcare professionals and organizations across the world.
Our solutions and services transform the 3D printing workflow for hospitals and other healthcare institutions globally. Certainly, our continued growth fuels our ambition to develop and bring to market the most cutting-edge solutions.

Our Mission and Values

Axial3D Team

Daniel Crawford

Founder, Axial3D

“Our mission at Axial3D is to improve the quality of care hospitals can provide by enhancing existing practices, giving their clinicians easy access to patient-specific 3D printed models. All bespoke products we provide are designed to improve diagnosis and help plan a personalized treatment for each individual patient, improving their care while subsequently reducing resource burden on a hospital.”

Our People

Axial3D is powered by talented, passionate and ambitious people. Our team strives to make sure our customers receive a market-leading service.

Meet the Team

Axial3D Team
Skull based tumour printed by axial3D for medical 3D printing in healthcare for neurosurgery

Medical Imaging, Reimagin3D.

3D printing transforms how medical professionals approach personalized care delivery. Improving efficiency, advancing surgical standards and supporting improved patient outcomes.

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Do you have a complicated patient case? Let us help. Axial3D is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and support your medical 3D printing journey.

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