Senior Team

Photo of Roger Johnston

Roger Johnston

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Daniel Crawford

Daniel Crawford

Chief Strategy Officer & Founder

Photo of Cathy Coomber

Cathy Coomber

Operations Manager

Photo of Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher

VP of Business Development

Photo of Jonny Stewart

Jonny Stewart

Chief Product Officer

Photo of Jenna McGarry

Jenna McGarry

QA/RA Lead

Team Leads

Photo of Cameron Auld

Cameron Auld

3D Print Engineer Team Lead

Photo of Meredith Telford

Meredith Telford

Biomedical Engineering Team Lead

Photo of Tim Cooke

Tim Cooke

Head of Engineering

Photo of Ryan Kyle

Ryan Kyle

Marketing and Communications Manager

Board of Directors

Photo of Patrick Hurst

Patrick Hurst

CEO of Whale - 3D print for injection moulding global pioneer

Photo of Jamie Andrews

Jamie Andrews

Investment Partner at Techstart Ventures. UK & US legal council

Photo of Wesley Hanson

Wesley Hanson

Operations Director at Whale

Photo of Dr. Chris Rumana

Dr. Chris Rumana

Chairman of Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare & Neurosurgeon

Clinical Advisory Board

Photo of Dr. Alistair Hann

Dr. Alistair Hann

Chief Technology Officer, NES Digital Service

Photo of Dr. Tim Brown

Dr. Tim Brown

Consultant Transplant Surgeon, Belfast City Hospital

Photo of Steven Isenberg M.D.

Steven Isenberg M.D.

Surgeon, entrepreneur, investor, speaker, writer and founder of international charity

Business Advisor

Photo of Rene White

Rene White

Senior Advisor at The Chasm Group

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