3d printing for cardiology

The next dimension in medical imaging...

Transform how you interact with patient data with a tactile 360º view of your patient’s anatomy. Improve the diagnosis & context of the patient’s pathology and increase patient understanding and consent.

Having access to patient-specific anatomical models can aid:

  • Pre-operative planning
  • Surgical simulation
  • Intrateam communication
  • Gaining patient consent
  • Reduced time and cost of surgery

Axial3D makes it easy for you to access patient-specific 3D printed models. We can create and ship a 3D printed model from your 2D CT or MRI images within 48 hours – allowing you to focus on what matters most, your patients.

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cardiology split heart model contrast colour

Example use cases for medical 3D printing in cardiology and cardiac surgery include:

  • Congenital defects
  • Vascular pathologies
  • Septal defects
  • Valve implementation

How are 3D printed models being used?

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How others are using 3D printing in cardiology and cardiac surgery

Transforming Care in Cardiology

Discover how Axial3D’s anatomical models deliver genuine impact for cardiologists and improve patient care.

cardiology 3D printed model cardiac

Clinical team uses 3D printed model to reduce risk in cardiac surgery

Axial3D printed a precise 1:1 replica model of a patient's heart to help a clinical team to visualize the proximity between vascular structures. Having access to the model reduced the risk of coronary compression and potential complications during surgery.
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Left Atrial Appendage cardiology 3d printed model

3D printed Left Atrial Appendage model supports informed consent

A patient presented with a Left Atrial Appendage. The exact classification of the Left Atrial Appendage was difficult to evaluate on CT scans alone, so the surgeon requested a 3D printed anatomical model from Axial3D to give a clearer understanding of the problem.
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congenital heart disease 3d printed model cardiology

3D printed model used to guide transcatheter balloon septostomy in young adult

An 18-year-old male patient who had traveled to the UK from Syria presented with congenital heart disease. An Axial3D 3D printed model of his heart was created to help guide the surgeons in performing an atrial septostomy.
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"Axial3D’s services have allowed us to use 3D printing for complex cases without the cost of building our own lab and hiring new staff. They manage the entire 3D printing process, and we focus on treating patients.”

Dr. Christopher Lockhart Consultant Cardiologist, Adult Congenital Heart Disease


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