A 74 year old female presented with a slipped mitral valve replacement and aortic stent. The surgeon was unable to get a sufficient spatial understanding of the location of both the deployed stent and valve replacement from CT scans alone.

A physical 3D model was created to give the surgeon critical additional insights into the relationship between the stent and valve replacement. The 3D model was able to show that both the stent and valve replacement had changed location, and gave a millimeter precise understanding of how much they had changed, from the original intervention.

“The model provided gave us a much greater understanding of the patient’s cardiac device location which could not be fully comprehended using the original CT images. Using the model, we were able to accurately see that the mitral valve had changed its original location and required a revision surgery to correct.”

– Dr. Patrick Donnelly, Cardiac Surgeon, Ulster Hospital Belfast

The model was subsequently used to plan a revision surgery to correct the placement of the stent and valve replacement, providing even more value for the surgeon as he treated the patient.

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