A male patient was admitted to the Ulster Hospital with extensive crush injuries to the left calcaneus. Due to the amorphous arrangement and close proximal anatomy of the foot, a comprehensive understanding of the extent of the patient’s injuries was difficult to ascertain using CT scans alone.


Using CT scans provided by the surgeon, Axial3D produced a 3D anatomical model of the patient’s left calcaneus and surrounding anatomy in the hindfoot and midfoot. The model enabled the surgeon to get a new understanding of the complex fracture and transform the planning of the operation. After its use in this particular surgery, the model provided further value, being used for training and educating medical staff at the hospital.

“I was provided with a 3D physical model of a complex calcaneal fracture which allowed me to understand the complexity of the fracture and plan open reduction and internal fixation. The model was of a high standard and was extremely useful in preoperative planning and educating medical staff.”

– Mr Andrew Adair, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Ulster Hospital Belfast

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