Sadly, almost 5,000 children in the US are diagnosed with brain tumors each year. However, there is some good news – thanks to new technologies and better informed surgical approaches, pediatric neurosurgeons are having more success than ever in helping these children – Source: KidsHealth from Neymours.

One of the advanced technologies that neurosurgeons increasingly rely on is 3D modeling. In this case, an 11-year-old girl presented with multiple tumors in her brain and surrounding anatomy. Her surgeon had successfully performed one operation to resect a tumor that had formed on her brain – and had begun planning for a secondary procedure to remove 2 further tumors. 

While planning this next phase of the young girl’s treatment, he requested a 3D model of her brain and surrounding anatomy to help him make the incredibly complex interventions decisions facing him and explain these to the child’s parents- focused on finding the safest and most accurate way to remove the tumors;

The surgeon found that the 3D model provided much more precise information than using 2D images alone, enabling him to confirm his diagnosis, and that his plan was safe and accurate. Furthermore, he found the model to be especially useful in explaining the complex brain surgery to the patient and her family. 

Following its role in successfully guiding this surgeon through an extremely complex procedure, we are delighted that this model will now be used to train future surgeons on this complex type of case and help them to understand what his decision-making process was for this specific instance.