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About Medical 3D Printing

Have a question about 3D Printing or its uses within Medicine and Healthcare? Discover answers to questions you didn’t know you had here.

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The Main uses of 3D Printing in Healthcare

3D Printing is currently used to support the creation of patient-specific anatomical models for preoperative planning, teaching & training, 3D custom implants, medical device prototyping and making custom devices & prosthetics.

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axial3D Service Packages

axial3D has created a range of flexible solutions to support your organization to enhance clinical and patient outcomes, wherever it is on its 3D printing journey.

2D scan 3D print

Create a 3D printed model from 2D scans

Do you need enhanced pre-operative insight? Get a one-off, patient-specific 3D printed model to get closer to the problem. We’ll create and ship your model within 48 hours.
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3D printing in healthcare neurosurgery

Establish a new medical 3D print lab

Do you want to set up your own 3D print lab? Deliver better patient outcomes with our flexible managed service packages.
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Build Plate Medical 3D Printing axial3D

Enhance your service with medical 3D printing

Do you operate a medical 3D print lab? Our innovative software helps you to manage and streamline your existing medical 3D print lab.
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How Our Clients Have Used 3D Printing

Case Studies For 3D Printing in Healthcare

Medical 3D printing transforms personalized care delivery through advancing surgical standards, improving clinical efficiency and delivering better patient outcomes.

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