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Easily order a 3D printed model or DICOM segmentation.

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axial3D assure

Track 3D print lab activity and achieve quality excellence.

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axial3D's flexible buying options

Simple and affordable ways to access medical 3D printing.

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axial3D insight

Instantly order high-quality 3D printed anatomical models for surgical planning and educational use with axial3D insight.

A 3D printed model transforms how you perceive and interact with patient data by giving you a 360º view of your patient’s anatomy. Improving on diagnosis & context of the patient’s pathology traditionally available with 2D and 3D imaging methods.

axial3D removes barriers to make it easy for you to access 3D printed models. We can create and ship a 3D printed model from your 2D images within 48 hours, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most, your patients.

Register a free account today and see how easy it is to order a 3D printed anatomical model.

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This software was in part developed through the Innovate UK funded KTP (KTP010763) with Ulster University

The benefits of using 3D printed anatomical models...

360 degree view icon Medical 3D Printing

Enhanced insight into the pathology

By holding the replica in your hand and having a true 360° view, you get a full view of the true anatomy in context.

Time saving icon Medical 3D Printing

Reduced theatre time

On average, our customers report saving 30-60 minutes surgery time, with some cases showing 5+ hours saved.

Patient engagement icon Medical 3D Printing

Patient Communication

Patient understanding and satisfaction are increased by seeing and holding models of their anatomy, aiding in consent discussions.

Preoperative trialing & simulation

3D printed patient-specific models support physical simulations of surgery. This saves time and increases the confidence of surgical teams.

How does it work?

Forget about expensive equipment and set up. All you need to get started is an internet connection, a free axial3D account, and your patient data. We’ll take care of the rest.

Upload your patient scans through our portal to get an instant quote and 3D visualization of your anatomical model.
Our expert team will oversee production, turning your 2D scans into an exact 3D printed replica model.
We ship your 3D printed model in as little as 48 hours.
Your surgical team and patients benefit from enhanced communication, increased insight and spending less time in surgery.

Experience medical 3D printing for yourself.

Register your interest in receiving a free 3D printed anatomical model of your next patient case.

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axial3D assure

axial3D assure is a web-based software solution designed to record, track and manage data within existing medical 3D print labs.

The ability to report on orders, track staff activity, and communicate with physicians, all while driving a robust quality process facilitates streamlined processes, increased efficiency and data driven decision making.

Whether you have your own 3D printing facility or you want to establish one, axial3D’s unique software fully automates the process of generating 3D print designs from 2D images.

Each medical model or 3D printed device created in the 3D print lab is rigorously managed through every step in the quality controlled manufacturing process, while inbuilt notifications keep key stakeholders informed along the way.

axial3D assure benefits…

Quality management platform icon

Benefits for newly formed labs

You’ll get a robust quality management platform that tracks and manages everything being created in the lab.

Scaled growth icon

Benefits for existing labs

The ability to manage a vast amount of additional workloads means you can scale with growing demand, without hiring more staff.

Helping you to...

Clinician engagement icon

Increase Clinician Engagement

Increase requests for 3D prints by embedding the 3D printing capability into the patient care pathway with an easy-to-use request portal.

Compliance icon

Improve Compliance

We'll help you to drive process workflow, increase consistency and productivity. Full audit trails ensure traceability of all tasks and processes.

Time saving icon Medical 3D Printing

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Reduce the amount of administrative time spent by 3D print lab staff and clinicians on request gathering, task transfers and reporting.

Improve Patient Care

With more informed clinicians, reduced costs, and more time on your hands, you'll be able to deliver more for the people that matter most, your patients.

Don't just take our word for it...

Get a demo of axial3D assure today to see how you can easily increase compliance and reduce the cost of running your 3D print lab.

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axial3D's flexible buying options

Three easy ways to access 3D printing services in your organization...

Medical 3D Printing Solutions

Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing professional or a new user, axial3D has a solution for you; wherever you are on your 3D printing journey.


1. For occasional users, why not try out our Pay As You Go portal where you can securely upload DICOM files and receive your 3D printable file within hours, or anatomical model within days.


2. For those wanting to access to gold-standard planning capability across your institution or bolster your existing 3D printing resource, select a Service Plan to meet your budget and volume requirements.


3. Or talk to us today about setting up your own Point-of-Care-Printing facility. axial3D will manage everything from initial set-up to ongoing management and support.


See our flexible plans below:

Three simple plans to get you started...

Pay As You Go

Best Option for Beginners

  • - Instant Online Quotations
  • - Get Print Ready Files or Printed Anatomical Models
  • - Get Your Model In Days, Not Weeks!
  • - No Commitment - Stop Anytime
  • - The Fastest Turnaround Times

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★ Service Plan

The Most Widely Chosen Option

  • - Customizable, Scalable Service Plans
  • - Simple, Affordable Payments To Make Your Budget Go Further
  • - No Capital Expenditure or Nasty Surprises
  • - Choose Onsite or Off-site Printing, or a Mix of Both

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Software & Training

For Existing 3D Printing Facilities

  • - Custom Training for your Medical 3D Print Facility
  • - Learn How to Organically Grow your Lab and Facilitate Data Collection
  • - Track, Manage and Report on The Medical Manufacturing Process
  • - Implement Procedures to Deliver a Quality Assured Process

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What you get when working with axial3D...

Reduce costs icon

Cost Control

axial3D's fixed service costs remove the need for Capital Expenditure and ensure you can fully plan for and control medical 3D printing spend.

Reduce risk icon

Reduced Risk

Manage risk, with specific industry knowledge, internal experts and access to the latest 3D printing technologies from axial3D.

Team engagement icon

Increased Engagement

Our team will be there as you roll-out the service, resulting in a successful medical 3D printing program that will engage your clinical teams.

Time saving icon Medical 3D Printing

Rapid Implementation

Get immediate access to medical 3D printing. Our team ensures fast and efficient turnaround times, allowing you to focus on patient care.

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