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ACM SIGGRAPH Asia: What we learned, and what it means for our customers

21 December 2018



As part of axial3D’s commitment to improving patient care through making 3D printing easily available within healthcare, our team realizes the value in personal development and knowledge improvement. This commitment includes attending and participating in events that enhance our knowledge and to help us better understand the tools we use every day.

Luke, from our engineering team, recently attended ACM SIGGRAPH in Tokyo, Japan to gain insight into the current trends in computer graphics and XR (Extended Reality) development. Particularly, to find ways in which we can utilize these trends to enhance the user experience and quality of axial3D solutions.

ACM SIGGRAPH is Asia’s largest computer graphics and interactive techniques event and attracts around 10,000 of the most respected technical and creative people from across the globe annually.

High-tech ≠ Complicated Tech

Back to our commitment to making it easier for healthcare institutions to access 3D Printing; As we deploy new technologies such as Machine Learning, it’s crucial that we maintain the simplicity and user experience of our solutions.

Keeping on top of current trends, like those explored at ACM SIGGRAPH, is just one of the ways we can ensure that we continue to make using advanced technology for surgery as simple as online shopping for our customers.

The knowledge gained from ACM SIGGRAPH will help inform our engineering team and inspire any future enhancements within our solutions. This work is a collaboration with Ulster University through Innovate UK's KTP program. We are bringing these technologies to market with help from academics like Dr Shane Wilson and Dr Justin Magee from Ulster University. Ultimately making it easier for healthcare organizations to access 3D Printing.