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Sunday Express: 3D printing limbs can reduce operating times and mistakes says doctor

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18 September 2016


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National UK newspaper The Sunday Express recently published an article discussing the benefits derived from the use of 3D printing in healthcare, specifically where 3D printed precise replicas of the patient’s anatomy is used to support surgeons during pre-operative planning.

The article by journalist Lucy Johnston titled, ‘3D printing limbs can reduce operating times and mistakes says doctor’ – tracked the case of a young boy being treated within an NHS hospital in the South Eastern Trust in Northern Ireland, by consultant orthopedic surgeon Michael Eames.

In the interview with Sunday Express, Mr. Eames discussed the case of 10-year-old Callum Teggart.  who came to him with a complex left forearm injury, caused when Callum broke two bones, prevented him from rotating his arm.

“He couldn’t throw a ball, do tenpin bowling or badminton without pain. It even hurt him to wash his hands”, Darren’s father says.

As a regular user of 3D printed models for complex cases, Mr. Eames was keen to ensure he had access to the highest level of medical insight for the case before making a treatment decision.

Working with axial3D he had a replica 3D print created of the child’s twisted radius and ulna using the CT scans and used it as an aid to diagnosis and a guide to treatment.  As a result of the insight gained from the 3D printed model, which would not have been available using only the scan information, the course of the treatment changed and the operating time was reduced from four hours to under 30 minutes.

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We are less likely to make mistakes with this technology and it is helping us dramatically cut times, reducing complications and improving patient outcomes. Mr. Michael Eames, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon