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SXSW: Tumours, Transplants and Technology

17 April 2019



Q. What do axial3D, Olivia Wilde, A$AP Rocky, and Shia Labeouf all have in common?

A. We were all speaking at SXSW 2019, of course!

To be invited to discuss your work at SXSW is something many established companies can only dream of. Nevermind a startup. Yet, this March, axial3D did just that.

The team was invited, alongside Dr. Tim Brown, to share the story of their collaboration in which technology was used to aid a complex, life-saving operation.

The story begins with a young mother who was in urgent need of a kidney transplant. Her father was willing to donate his kidney, but the kidney due to be transplanted had presented with a tumor. That, along with the recipient's severe health complications, meant that her only hope was a waiting game via a cadaver donor.


RELATED: If you missed our SXSW presentation, you can join us live on May 9th to hear from Dr. Brown and axial3D on how we made this world-first, life-saving operation possible. Register here.

After weighing up the many different options and their outcomes for his patients, Dr. Brown used technology from axial3D to turn the patient’s 2D scans into a 3D printed model, which was then used to help plan for the extremely complex surgery.


“As surgeons, we are highly trained and skilled at what we do, but by having a 3D print of the patient’s anatomy in my hand, I get an extra level of understanding that just isn’t possible with 2D or 3D images onscreen. In this case, I could plan the surgery in detail, considering the best approach, as well as the potential problems, before stepping into the operating theatre.” - Dr. Tim Brown

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3D Printing has been an increasingly hot topic at SXSW. From 3D printed homes to 3D printed sushi, and now, AI-powered 3D printing in healthcare. We’re excited to see what comes next in the additive manufacturing sphere.

If you missed us at SXSW, fear not! We’re holding a webcast on May 9th where we will give you the chance to hear from the team, and ask Dr. Brown or axial3D any questions you may have. In this session, you’ll hear first hand how this world first, life-saving operation was made possible through technology. You’ll also hear the very ambitious plans the company has, to use machine learning to complete labor intensive and complex tasks to create functional 3D models from 2D scans, eliminating costly human intervention. This allows surgeons to do what they do best, treat patients.

You can register for the live webcast here.