Grey cardiac 3D prints

Show small details in CT angiograms like atherosclerosis within vessels or external coronary arteries

Hollow cardiac 3D prints

Visualize internal chambers and major vascular structures

Clear cardiac 3D prints

Look within chambers or accurately visualize aortic aneurysms and stent placement

Split cardiac 3D prints

Accurately assess myocardium and atrial thicknesses of patients

Elevating patient care

    • Surgical treatment is faster and more effective.
    • Reduces time in theatre, often resulting in less invasive surgery, with greatly lowered risk of infection and complications.
    • Rapid recovery following treatment allowing for earlier discharge.
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Advancing surgical standards

    • Unprecedented insight with axial3D models leads to more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
    • Allows enhanced pre-operative planning including preparation of equipment and facilitates new techniques to be trialled well in advance of stepping into the operating theatre.
    • Provides a greater understanding of the ailment for both the patient and the postoperative care staff.
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Improving standards and efficiencies

    • Patients receive better standards of care.
    • Access to axial3D models reduces theatre times, negates unnecessary kit and improves postoperative care, saving time and money.
    • Lowers risks associated with complications and infections.
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axial3D online ordering for cardiac

Our unique online ordering service allows you to upload your cardiac scans quickly and securely, to visualize your patient's data in 3D.  Using this virtual 3D image, you will also be able to highlight the areas of anatomy you would like 3D printed to help with your preoperative planning pathway. Watch this short video to show you how the process works