Our Technology

axial3D’s 3D Printing Facility combines an expert in-house team of Software Engineers, Biomedical Scientists and 3D Printing Technicians, with the most advanced 3D printer technology on the market, delivering the most seamless end-to-end 3D printing service in Healthcare today.

Using the latest technologies in the field our team create incredibly detailed physical models to precisely reproduce your patient's scan data in 3D. axial3D is the 3D printing partner of choice for prominent healthcare professionals and organizations globally. .

Our Online Ordering Service - axial3D insight

Online Ordering - Following dataset upload, advanced algorithms are used to provide an interactive virtual 3D image of your DICOM dataset, which is generated immediately and displayed in the axial3D proprietary image viewer. Using this interactive virtual 3D image, you will annotate the area of interest to be 3D printed on screen.  An instant price quotation is provided, inclusive of the physical 3D printed model, an interactive 3D model, and shipping. On receipt of a purchase order at time of order or from your department, we begin working on order fulfillment immediately.

Order Fulfilment

axial3D’s expert in-house team of software engineers, biomedical scientists and 3D Print Technicians use the latest 3D printing technology to process your 2D DICOM image stacks into 3D printable files, ensuring the area of interest requested in your order is captured at the highest level of detail. Our in-house 3D printing technicians will select the most appropriate printing technology to generate the 1:1 scale physical 3D printed model of the patient’s anatomy in materials suited to the application. Every Physical 3D Print produced by axial3D is thoroughly checked for accuracy and subjected to stringent quality control. The 3D physical model is then mailed using a tracked delivery service ensuring a fast turnaround time.

Elevating patient care

    • Surgical treatment is faster and more effective.
    • Reduces time in theater, often resulting in less invasive surgery, with a greatly lowered risk of infection and complications.
    • Rapid recovery following treatment allowing for earlier discharge.
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Advancing surgical standards

    • Unprecedented insight with axial3D3 models leads to more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
    • Allows enhanced preoperative planning, including preparation of equipment and facilitates new techniques to be trialed well in advance of stepping into the operating theatre.
    • Provides a greater understanding of the ailment for both the patient and the postoperative care staff.
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Improving standards and efficiencies

    • Patients receive better standards of care.
    • Access to axial3D models reduces theatre times, negates unnecessary kit and improves postoperative care saving time and money.
    • Lowers risks associated with complications and infections.
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Our specialisms