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The Benefits of 3D Printing in Healthcare

Discover how Axial3D’s anatomical models deliver genuine impact for healthcare professionals and improve patient care.

William Golden Sr. holds a 3D printed model of the bottom of his skull and top of his spine - Neurosurgery

Enhancing Patient Communication

Read how a 3D printed model was used to aid patient consent in an aneurysm surgery in the USA.
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3D printed kidney model used in ex vivo partial nephrectomy procedure

Transforming Surgery Outcomes

Hear the story of a surgeon using 3D printing technology to plan a world-first, life-saving kidney transplant in the UK.
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spina bifida 3D printed model healthcare

Improving Clinical Productivity

Discover how a UK surgeon reduced the time and cost of surgery and improved patient care with a 3D printed model.
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3D Printing for Hospitals

Used as part of the patient care pathway, medical 3D printing leads to improved procedure planning, better consent rates, reduced theatre time & significantly reduced costs.

Surgeon holding 3D printed model of pelvis

Why use anatomical

3D printing is set to be the next revolution in healthcare. Learn why leading hospitals are implementing 3D printing.
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hospital 3D printing axial3D Formlabs 3d printing in healthcare

How others are using
3D printed models

See how our customers using 3D printing to enhance pre-operative insight and improve patient care.
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3d printing in healthcare Online ordering of 3D printed models axial3D

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